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Derek at GamesDerek Bishop, Co-Owner & Head Coach

(CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Anatomy, OPEX Assessment & Program Design, Certified Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

Was raised in Bradenton , FL were he was two time All-state football Player and 4 year state qualifier for weightlifting at Bayshore High School. Played football on scholarship at 1- AA Liberty University under Danny Rocco and trained under Master Strength Coach Bill Gillespie. Started at Liberty University

playing fullback 2008-2009 and graduated with a Degree in Economics in 2010.

Derek is well respected in the prehab/rehab community identifying mobility and stability issues to better prescribe workout prescriptions to improve movement quality. He has competed in numerous high level competitions including 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017  Regionals, and most recently, the 2016 CrossFit Games as Captain of The CrossFit Squad Team!

Phone: 941-962-5288


Angel Rodriguez, Coach

(CrossFit Level 1 & 2, Weightlifting, Endurance, Kids, Gymnastics, Pose Method, Aerobic Capacity)

18275147_1466502080089126_3927384390644745137_nAngel has been an active athlete since the age of 10. He participated in high school weightlifting, wrestling and football. During his Junior year he really took interest in weightlifting. In 2012, that interest found him qualifying for the American Open. In 2012, he also started his CrossFit coaching career while still focusing on his Weightlifting career.




Savannah Bishop

(CrossFit Level 1)

savannahSavannah grew up active and did gymnastics as a smaller version of herself which has translated nicely to her CrossFit career as an athlete and a coach. Known around the gym as “The Gymnastics Whisperer” she once taught a stranger how to do ring muscle ups with just a glance from across the room. Her technical abilities in the coaching realm is only out-done by her ability to make her friends at the gym smile.




Brian Lelli, Coach

(CrossFit Level 1 & 2, Weightlifting)

12801648_10101620254983065_6919714617825506159_nBrian came to us from Rochester, NY where he currently owns a CrossFit Box of his own. While his coaching career started off accidentally after 4 broken noses (ask him for details), he’s really taken to having the ability to help hundreds of people in every community he is part of. Don’t be fooled by his goofy demeanor or the warm up games you’ll play in his class; he’s logged nearly 3,000hrs of coaching since starting back at his 300sf garage in New York and has the ability to help each one of his #FitFam achieve their goals.