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What is Bootcamp?

You could call this CrossFit ‘Lite’. The Bootcamp program is similar to CF but without the heavy lifting.  Get in shape during Boot Camp workouts that incorporate ropes, medicine balls, pull-up bars, boxes, weights, and more.

Class meets Mon-Thurs at 7am & 7pm. Friday is 7am & 6pm.

This program is great for people that just want to get in shape and have fun doing it. Your goal is not to win the CrossFit Games, and you don’t really care about throwing weights around. Your instructors will keep it fun and challenging. You will get the same group dynamic that you get in a CrossFit class. You will get results. No experience is needed for this class. Daily drop ins are welcome.


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Bootcamp FAQ

What can I expect?

Like any of our programs, you can expect results. You will see changes to your body. And because we keep it fun, you want to come back and you will stay consistent with the program.

I'm older and out of shape! Is Bootcamp for me?

Yes, Bootcamp can be scaled to meet any fitness level. The entire group can participate in the same workout, but with different loads and range of motion. For example; An elite level athlete may be doing a particular exercise with 35 lbs kettlebell, while the ‘out-of-shape’ beginner will be using a 10 lb kettlebell. An experienced athlete may be performing box-jumps onto a 30″ box, while the ‘out-of-shape’ beginner may be stepping onto a 12″ box. An elite athlete may be doing pull-ups, while an ‘out-of-shape’ beginner is doing ring rows. (to be explained). This scaleable approach applies to every workout that we do.

Will I be holding other people back if I can not perform all the moves properly and the instructor has to scale my workout to meet my needs?

No. Once the clock starts and the workout begins, each individual is focusing on their own workout. Each individual is applying their own comfort level of intensity to that workout. If some athletes finish the workout before other athletes, they generally feel compelled to encourage the other athletes through to the finish. This is part of the tremendous sense of community that is built through CrossFit and our Bootcamp program.

What is a WOD?

WOD is the common term in CrossFit used when referring to the “Workout of the Day”. Our WOD is the main body of work to be completed during a CrossFit  or Bootcamp class. In addition to the WOD, we warm up as a group and will generally spend some time working on mobility.


Can you tell me more about The CrossFit Squad?

Owned by CrossFit Games athlete Rob LaBar.  We strongly believe in living the lifestyle we promote and that is why our team of Coaches are not only CrossFit certified, but are also avid CrossFitters themselves and are well versed in various modalities of training. The result is an exceptional clientele experience. Our Coaches provide clients with consistent, tangible feedback on their progress and listen to their individual concerns and needs. They are well versed in all CrossFit fitness and nutritional principles as well as professional coaching techniques. We strive to make our facility a positive place where individuals cannot only train, but learn about all aspects of fitness and nutrition and find a sense of belonging. Hard work, dedication and integrity are the pillars of our program. If you are ready to become part of our special program we invite to stop by for a visit and find out what we are all about. You’ll be glad you did.


Bootcamp Pricing

$79 /month


7am & 7pm Mon-Thur (7am & 6pm on Fri)




7am & 7pm Mon-Thur (7am & 6pm on Fri)



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